Let Them Dream


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a teacher. Then, as I realized my passion…I strived to be a writer. When college time came, I began with Office Administration but ended up with a Bachelor degree in CJA. And, after all of that…I am a stay-at-home mom.
As we age, our dreams evolve. Beginning from our childhood idealizations, we shoot for an occupation that matches our role models. In time, this is tweaked to include our interests. Often, the money we will make is not important to us. We are still just children and reaching for happiness in our future. As we grow into adulthood and make the steps necessary to achieve our goal, we often settle for what is available or switch our occupational dream to one that boasts a higher income. And, after all that…Most of us end up somewhere completely different.
I believe that a large part of our occupational life as an adult is formed in childhood and the environment we are raised in. This will determine a child’s view of job status—who to look up to, what type of lifestyle is expected, and what they should be proud of. We all have that building block that began the lives that we are living today.
I started this post early this morning, as I was drinking my coffee in a quiet house. The boys, fast asleep in their beds, were completely unaware that their futures were the subjects of their mother’s early morning thoughts. The two are so very different, and I often wonder where their lives are meant to lead them.
Jesse, in his Mario-themed room, is a lover of technology. Video games, television, laptops, iPads…They represent new worlds to him. He is a very indoor type of child, with a gigantic fear of bugs and anything slimy or creepy-crawly. Jesse has been back-and-forth about his future plans. He’s thrown out ideas such as policeman, engineer, and veterinarian.
Kayden’s SpongeBob-themed room represents his crazy, wacky self. He seems to have created the phrase “Boys will be boys,” and I have described him over and over again as “keeping us on our toes.” An adventure lover, Kayden begs to be outdoors and participate in anything that’ll get him filthy. He’s expressed interest in becoming a train engineer, construction worker, or contractor.
At the tender ages of 7 and 5, it is already quite clear to me that these two brothers will go on to live very different lifestyles. Maybe I will be a proud parent of an engineer someday, as Jesse works alongside my husband. Maybe Kayden will be remodeling our house with his own company. I’m sure that these two will change their minds countless times as they grow up, but I am amazed to be a part of their development in this world.
Someday, Jesse and Kayden will look back on the lives they lived as children…dreaming of their future. I hope that they smile on their upbringing, as we have encouraged them to dream. I hope that we raise them successfully, with the strength to hang on for life’s rocky turns and unexpected stops. I hope that their lives are filled with contentment and that they find happiness on the path that they finally land on.
Life isn’t going to be easy. I’ve learned that myself. As parents, we cannot control the world around us. And, we most likely will have no control over where our children end up.
What we can do for them is to get them started. Encourage their personality. Let them dream. Give them the tools to reach their goal, but let them know that they are no lesser of a person if that becomes impossible. Reach new goals. Find new dreams. Be there when they fall and also when they shine, and never stop loving the people they were meant to be.


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