Time is limited. As human beings, we only have a short span of moments on this Earth and so many options for that time frame. When our passing comes, the world will be left with what we have built—the tangible evidence that remains from our accomplishments in this life.
I strive to make a difference. I evaluate each day and prioritize my movements. I have considered, often, what is important for me to continue to accomplish and the goals that are worth striving for.
When we are gone, we leave behind our own legacy: the causes we have fought for, the people we have touched, the memories we have captured. Have you ever thought about what your story will look like after you have passed? This morning, I am reflecting on just that…
As a stay-at-home mom, it has become even more important to me to build those pieces of myself that I wish to instill upon the world. Through my writing, I express my opinions, encouragements, hardships, and beliefs. I take countless photos to freeze the key moments that puzzle together my life. I have raised my voice for the welfare of animals and have cared for many pets in my time. I currently have 6 rescues and am proud to be able to give them the life that they may have never had. My family comes first, and I live each day to make theirs special. From homemade meals, customized activities, celebrations, and just general quality time together, I am sure to be remembered as a family-oriented woman.
At 27, I certainly hope that there will be many years for me to create my footprint in this world. At the same time, this is not too early an age to evaluate the life that I am living. Everyone can make a difference. If we put our minds to it, our impact can be felt long after we are gone. We should all strive to shine…as it is our purpose.


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