Teaching Our Kids


Yesterday was Kayden’s Kindergarten registration. Though we have obviously already been through this process with Jesse, I still had difficulty believing that this time was already here. Next year, I will be sending two elementary school kids on the bus together!
As we sat in Mrs. Hetzel’s classroom and listened to a synopsis of an average Kindergarten day, I found myself realizing what a huge part of a child’s life revolves around their education. As parents, it is our job to teach our children from the beginning. Starting with developmental milestones, our children grow into toddlers and begin to master basic skills needed for pre-k.
Once Kayden is finished with this school year, both of my boys will have completed two years of pre-k before Kindergarten. This great program gave them the head start that is so important before beginning the elementary school years. But, that extra boost certainly does not stop there…
Aside from the crafts and artwork that my kids complete at home, they also have the opportunity to brush up on their skills with worksheets. I find these on Pinterest or other sites and sit down with the boys from time to time to work on them. Taking just a bit of extra time to focus on key areas of Jesse and Kayden’s education level makes a huge difference, especially over the summer or school holidays! The boys are always proud of their achievements and delighted to display them on the fridge.
I have already begun to print out worksheets for Kayden to complete over the summer, hoping to give him some added advantage before Kindergarten. It’ll take some getting used to when both boys come off the bus with homework, but I know that we will manage just fine. The education they are receiving now will build their futures later, and I am proud to be an active part of it!


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