Sometimes, I would love to throw a tantrum–one of those feet-stomping, voice-wailing, fist-pounding sorts. Some days, I would like to flop on the floor and wail. Screw my face up in the nastiest expression and scream. Refuse to get up. Refuse to cooperate. Refuse it all. Stop time and let the world know how I’m feeling.
It seems logical, as I watch my 5 year old this morning. If he doesn’t feel like doing something, this is how he reacts to show his emotions. As an adult, I’m expected not to do this. I’m expected to keep my composure. But, some days…I want to throw a tantrum.
What an odd sight it would be: a mom throwing herself on the floor in outrage at all that life has thrown at her today. But, we’ve all felt it. We all have those moments when we want to lose our composure and throw a royal fit about the way that our lives have turned out. But, we can’t. As adults, we have learned the heartbreaking truth that a tantrum is not going to solve our problems. We have to take all the bullshit that life throws at us and remain standing—even when we’re tired, sick, or overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter.
My 5 year old hasn’t come to this conclusion yet. And, my 8 year old still has moments when he doesn’t quite grasp it. Maybe that’s best. The kids still feel like they have some control over what’s happening. They haven’t met life’s hardships yet, and the worst thing that they’ve really had to deal with is going to school or getting to bed. There will be a time when the tantrums will stop and they’ll realize that they don’t matter. That’s when adulthood starts…


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