The Fear Within


Fear. It’s an indescribable, terrible existence that lives within us. It rummages through our body with the unspoken truth that we cannot bear to be heard. Deep, in the darkness of our mind, our hearts, we cover this vicious beast with the fine cloak of faith. But, faith will slide away at this creature, as it burns to be received. Swallowing, we force the dreaded thoughts down. But, the after taste in the back of our mind rings true.
There is no escaping its strength. No way to fully devour the thickness of its being. It will rise again and be heard—time and time again. Our worst expectations, our terrible thoughts, our dreaded what-ifs…They all come rising with this thing. Hope is banished. Faith is laughed at. The most powerful force will rip through, forcing us to face what is really ourselves. FEAR.


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