“There are only 940 Saturdays between your child’s birth and them leaving for college.” I read this on Pinterest this morning and was nothing short of astounded. 940 seems so short, and how many of those are wasted away? Whether this number is accurate or not, the point is the same: Make use of the time with your children, before it is gone in an instant.
There will always be a house to clean, dinner to be made, and a calendar full of obligations. Throw them away every once in a while. Neglect them. Forget that they exist. Your children are here now, and they are getting older by the second. Don’t let them go unnoticed.
Forget Saturdays. Be with your children every day. Each day, you can do something to build a memory. Read a book. Play outside. Sing and dance in the kitchen while making dinner. These are just the little things, of course, but those little things become so important as time passes.
Every mom does it. We juggle so much when we have children that it’s a constant give and take. We welcome them into the world as tiny beings, not understanding how the years were spent as they tick by so fast. We have so much on our plate that those special moments become difficult to fit in, and we find ourselves putting them off for another time. Before we know it, that time is gone. Soon, all the baby stuff is packed away and we are welcoming a toddler. We’re sending them off to school and then watching as they pass through the grades. All those moments that we did not seize are drifting away, as our kids aren’t little anymore.
Grab those moments. Shut off the computer, and give your child a hug. Tell them you love them one million times over, and never stop. Forget days. Take in every smile, every laugh, every moment. Take pictures and videos to relive every memory. And, when those “940” are up…Have no regrets.


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