Journaling Exercise


**I found this exercise on Pinterest and thought that it would be a quick way to catch up with the blogging. Enjoy a short glimpse of me, and have a good night!

1. Thinking: I write so much better when I am alone, in turmoil, and in need of release. It is my explosion of thoughts that I crave, when my head is so full of life’s ups and downs that it cannot contain itself anymore.
2. Enjoying: Those moments with a soft, purring kitty on my lap are priceless. Sitting here on the couch, I have become a sort of “nest” for my oldest cat, Cody. It’s quite soothing.
3. Feeling: Alone. I find myself feeling more and more this way, as everyone else seems to have their purpose to attend to. I am just that woman on the side lines who aids in everyone’s dreams.
4. Wearing: Pajamas, of course! I find myself looking forward to pj time each night, as it signals relaxation and comfort.
5. Needing: Peace. Peace with myself, peace for this family, peace with the world…less stress, I suppose.
6. Wanting: How about plastic surgery? Yep, I most definitely want that! Two big babies, two c-sections, and the little bit of breastfeeding that I did do has more than taken its toll on this body!
7. Listening: To the washer and my husband working. The washer runs endlessly, and it seems that my husband is having an affair with his work.
8. Making: I’m making a record of my thoughts as we speak. They may not be the most in-depth thoughts, but they’re a good exercise for me tonight. A way to keep my mind of things…but put it on them as well. Does that make any sense?
9. Eating: I indulged too much today so I am happy with just my drink tonight! Haha
10. Drinking: A mixed drink. It helps me to write and to clear my thoughts.


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