Sister, Sister


Judging by Facebook, yesterday was National Siblings Day. I didn’t miss the announcement, as many were posting pictures with their own siblings. Still, I deliberately neglected to post my picture.
I do have a sister, only 2 years younger than me. And, we are on speaking terms. There is no big conflict between us; we just have never really been close.
From the beginning, it was apparent (to many) that the two of us were night and day. Miranda, a girly girl from the start, wanted to wear dresses and play with dolls. She had a sunny personality and was naïve to any of life’s troubles. I, on the other hand, was a tomboy from the start. I begged for trucks, wore my hair short, and dressed in overalls. I always saw things the way that they were, even from a young age. My personality showed it, as I held little back and recognized the negativity that existed around us.
Sure, Miranda and I played together. We lived together so there was little other option. But, we fought all the time. Our personalities clashed so harshly that it was difficult to see eye-to-eye.
As we grew up, the two of us went through our changes…but our viewpoints on life still contrasted drastically. Our priorities are still night and day, and we live completely different lifestyles. We do not speak often, and it’s awkward when we do. We are involved in each other’s lives for family get-togethers, holidays, and celebrations, but we still are not companions.
Viewing pictures of others’ siblings with them on Facebook brings much of this to light, that I have known from childhood: Siblings can be raised together from the start and even be 100% blood related, but that does not make a lasting relationship eminent. Siblings can speak, but still not be friends. My sister and I are in that category. I love her, as a sister. But, if I had met her in any other situation…We would not be associating. It sounds crude, but that’s the truth. How many of you out there have that sibling, or even a family member? Someone who is your polar opposite, but you have no choice but to mingle with them…


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