Strength of Today


Today was another day when I realized my strength as a mother. You never see those days coming, no matter how many you’ve had. The morning starts the same, as you wake up and scurry out of bed—the day’s plans filling your thoughts.
Today seemed easy. There were no set plans, other than trying some new recipes. Kayden had a field trip so I knew he was looking forward to that. Quentin would be home late so I figured that the boys and I would spend some quality time together.
Today, Jesse woke up sick. I sent him to bed, hoping that he would be feeling better. He threw up twice after that, and I knew that I was going to have difficulty getting Kayden to school. My husband could not come home, and family is not close. Kayden was looking forward to his field trip so I took to Facebook to plead for his transportation to pre-k. After stressing for a bit, I was saved by Kayden’s former teacher. I was so grateful that someone could help, and I raced around the house to get some cleaning done before she arrived. I thankful to learn that she would also bring him home.
Today, my house is doused in Lysol. The smell is permeating through the house, as I spray everything Jesse comes in contact with. My fingers are crossed that I will not get the illness, as my job at home cannot be replaced. I struggle to show sympathy to Jesse but also to keep my distance. Thank God, he seems to be on the mend.
Today, the dog wouldn’t go. I stood outside with her for an extended time, as she sniffed the air and refused to go potty. Today is cold. I stood in capris, flip-flops, and a short sleeved shirt, begging the dog to get it done and over with. The dog finally did her business when I took her out a couple of hours later.
Today, Jesse’s counselor called. He has decided that Jesse needs more counseling and has set up counseling for my ex-husband and myself as well. There will be more 45 minute trips, more copays, and more babysitters to seek out. I’m hoping this will be over with soon.
Today, I broke down. I cried to myself about how stressful life can be, even as a stay-at-home mom. Then, I fixed my makeup.
Today, I looked in the mirror and realized all the tough days that I have made it through…and realized that this is just one more. I see that the afternoon has come, and with it the hours have passed by. Tomorrow will be different. The same unknown as I climb out of bed, but different nonetheless. Another TODAY.


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