10 Things I Believe


1. I believe in never losing yourself, no matter how your life changes…Have that one thing that makes you who you are, and hold to it like a lifeline throughout your existence.
2. I believe that love doesn’t always work out like the fairy tales. In real life, we’re going to have that one person who got away, but it doesn’t matter. People change, and life requires us to settle for some sort of ordinary…as tough as that may be to handle.
3. I believe that honesty really is the best policy. No matter how badly it hurts, trust and truth are the most important attributes to human existence.
4. I believe that life is one big game. We never end up where we thought, and we are constantly thrown obstacles to dump us in a ditch somewhere along the way. Live with it, and then die. There is no other choice.
5. I believe that it is our responsibility to raise our voice for animals. They are speechless, but not without feeling. Often, they are the victims of the careless, cruel human race so we few with open hearts are responsible to stand up for them whenever possible. It proves that there is still good in this world.
6. I believe in communication. People need to speak and be heard, through speech or even writing. Silence accomplishes nothing.
7. I believe in family. This does not, in any way, have to be biological. So, if a kid has a family unit that is much more efficient than the counterpart on the other side…They should be there. The biological bias that is now our family court system has become extremely black and white and is forcing kids to be thrown back and forth like property.
8. I believe pretty much everything except organized religion and the bible. I remain open-minded, but it is crazy to me to organize in one place, agreeing with one person at a podium, about a book with a mystery author. There has got to be so much more to us than that.
9. I believe that people are very different. Some will never change. Some see the world in a much more advanced view than others…and some are like sheep, following the crowd.
10. I believe that certain moments in your life will make or break your future. Screw the bullshit about “choices” and “seeing the best.” There are things you will experience that will make you successful or forever haunted. There is no escaping from that.


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