Blogging Goals


My goal for this blog was to post something every day, and I have found myself to be a sad excuse for a newfound blogger. I think the problem is honestly priorities. As a wife, mother of two boys, and rescuer of six animals, I just honestly have difficulty in finding a decent time to stop what I am doing and write in this blog. There always seems to be something more pressing: cleaning, cooking, caring for the kids or animals, events, activities, etc. It never ends.
The trouble with that is that I created this blog for myself. Much of my interests, and even needs, have been put aside in the life that I live now. I throw everything I have into making my family’s life the best that I possibly can, and I love it…but there’s something missing.
I have a dire need to write. I long to make my expressions heard, my viewpoints understood, and my creativity formed into sentences. I write to vent, to understand, and to record. When that vital talent is stolen from my life, I become an empty shell. Nothing can compare to the feeling of purging my feelings onto paper, with the vigor of a passion that has been compressed for so long. I need this blog.
The simple solution would be to hold myself accountable to each day, at a set time. Call it a summer resolution, I guess. Wish me luck, and we’ll see where this leads me…


3 thoughts on “Blogging Goals

  1. I think it is always best to write what you know. You seem to have a very fulfilling life with lots of people who care about you. I’m like you I need to write, to express myself. It’s only recently I started posting my writing publicly, it’s a big step and there is lots of power in doing so. Keep writing!


    • Thank you for the kind words. You are very right; putting our writing out there to the public is a giant step, as we do write what we know. Sometimes, those things would be kept internally if not for the window of writing. I will be sure to check our yours as well, Erik 🙂

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