Blogging Under the Influence


I once saw a quote on Pinterest that stated, “Write drunk; edit sober.” This quote hits damn close to home. Though writing has always come naturally for me, I have found that “blogging under the influence” makes the words come so much easier.
Now, I’m not talking about getting drunk. In fact, I never let myself get to that point; I don’t like it. But, a glass of wine or a mixed drink at night sometimes seems to be just the ticket to bring the emotions out in my writing that I strive to achieve. And, though I’m usually pleased with the end result…I often save my piece till morning and scrutinize the details before posting.
Lately, I have been striving to post in my blog each day. I try to set a topic that I feel can be written with ease, but I am not opposed to “blogging under the influence” if necessary. Have any of you used the same tool? How did it affect your writing?


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