To My Teenage Self


I was that girl who had the biggest dreams. I was going to be a writer, someone amazing who published her own books and fed the world her thoughts. I was going to be known for my talent and respected for my views on this world. And then, it all fell apart. Time went by; shit happened; and I wound up kissing those dreams goodbye. This morning, I am revisiting myself as a teenager. And, I have so much to say to that girl…
Follow your heart in who you’re with. There will be one person who you cannot take your thoughts away from. Stay with that person.
Get your ass back to your parents’ houses, whatever it takes to move back in. You’re facing too many unneeded hardships on your own, and it’s going to train wreck the rest of your life. Do everything that you can to get into that school. You know the one: the elaborate place that will give you independence. Take that giant step, and push hard toward the dream you’ve been feeling for so long.
Never give up. The road is going to be hard, and long, and far from easy…Stay on that road. You can’t afford to throw away your talents.
Above all, find new routes when the road ends. The road always ends, in one way or another. But, if you look hard enough…There’s a beaten path in the distance that will help you to find your way. Believe in yourself, when no one else will. You are your only hope for the life that you are striving for.


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