The End of an Era


Summer break is in full swing, and the next school year’s goodies are already out in stores. Thoughts always drift onward, you see, and I am finding myself planning Jesse and Kayden’s next school year. I have done this in years past, as most parents do, but this year is different because the boys have officially reached the end of an era…
Kayden walked across the stage at his pre-k graduation in the spring. In doing this, he marked the official end of the boys’ pre-k years. He will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and Jesse will be going into 3rd grade so both boys will be attending the same elementary school.
I realize that many parents would be saddened by their children’s pre-k years ending, but I am beyond excited for what is to come. Both boys will be riding the bus, which they board in our driveway. That means no running to and from pre-k and worrying about getting back in time to get Jesse off of the bus. If something did happen, the kids are together going to and from school so I need not worry about a single child coming home alone.
They will be in the same school, which not only means that they can look out for each other there (especially with Jesse showing Kayden where to go on the first day)…but also that it will be much easier to pick the two up for an appointment or whatever other reason. They will follow the same timetable, each leaving and coming home together. It may be more of a challenge to get the two ready in the morning and homework organized in the afternoon, but the uniformity of schedules will be well worth it.
Sometimes, the “end of an era” is not such a negative thing after all. It’s all about perception and looking forward to what’s ahead. Though my boys are growing up way too fast, I am proud to see their milestones. I’ll be that smiling mom putting them both on the bus in the fall!


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