My Bookshelf


Welcome to my bookshelf—probably one of the most random concoctions you will ever see. Here, you’ll find legal stories, autobiographies, love stories, and gore. I’m an eclectic person, as is obvious by my reading choices.
I would love to read more often, but life gets in the way…as I feel like I have said so many times before. But, it is true. I collect these books, intriguing my senses to read and develop my perspectives on topics of interest…but it’s a struggle to get as far as sitting down to read the material.
My book shelf resembles the things that matter to me, the things that catch my interest. The titles are so different, yet they represent the topics that would capture my attention. What are your thoughts on my book shelf? Are there similarities to yours, or not? Feel free to post pictures of your own bookshelves!


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