The Naming of My Children


One of the most important steps in raising a child is finding a name that will suit them for their entire lives. It’s a task nothing short of daunting. You run through names and try them out in a variety of imagined situations in order to decide if this is what your kid should ultimately be called. I have been given this job twice, as I am a mother to two boys: Jesse and Kayden.
Jesse’s name was completely random. I was hoping for a girl and then was dumbfounded when I learned I would be having a boy. I searched baby names, as most parents do…but I couldn’t find anything that stood out. Oddly enough, it was the song “Jesse’s Girl” that inspired me to choose Jesse’s name. The name was a bit uncommon for the current time period, yet it had a soft ring to it that drew me in. He is often referred to as just “Jess” for short.
Kayden was an entirely different story. Quentin and I wanted a name that would speak to our relationship, which technically began with a trip to a cemetery that had been known for paranormal activity. The name Barclay was what we originally chose, after Barclay Cemetery. My mother hated the name and begged us to find something different. This led to the name Canyon, a name that I saw somewhere and thought sounded unique. She hated that as well so this twisted to the name Kayden, which sounded close enough. I liked the name Aiden, but Quentin didn’t so Kayden was our happy medium. My mom now refers to Kayden as “Kayd” or “Kaydie.”
Regardless of the way that my boys’ names were chosen from the beginning, they are perfect for them now. I have no regrets in what I chose. What is the story behind your children(s) names? Are you happy with what you decided?


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