My Worst Style Yet


I didn’t have the motivation to blog this morning and so I have put it off till tonight. Scrolling down my “cheat list” on Pinterest (Yes, I most definitely have a cheat list of writing topics)…I came across this one: Post a picture of your worst style and write about it. I knew the answer for this one was from my childhood, but I didn’t quite pinpoint it until I went through some old pictures of myself.
The obvious worst style I had was displayed right in front of me, in quite a few of my baby and childhood pictures: I was dressed like a boy. We’re not talking a tomboy style, like some girls choose—I mean true boy clothing. Just check out the picture below!
My mom and dad were expecting a boy when I arrived, and they were at a loss for so much as a name. It goes without saying that I must have been outfitted before my birth with an array of boy clothes, in anticipation of the next carrier of the Schrader name. My parents must have figured, what the hell, and put me in them anyway!
I later came to embrace boy clothing and went through quite a stage of attraction to just that. But, I still have to hand it to my parents for giving me the worst style of my childhood…and possibly my life. I can place the blame on them…right?


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