What is a family?


What is a family? Is it blood relation, living in the same household? Or, is it a group of people combined for a common purpose? There are countless visions of family in our world today, including my own personal vision…
To me, family has nothing to do with blood, time, or obligation. Family is what you would call the most important people in your life, who you could never imagine living without. Family is a combination of moments, memories, and pictures. It is the smile on your face and the fullness of your heart. The special souls that can produce that effect will forever be your family.
Without family, we have no meaningful existence. As important as it is to feed our own needs, we also require those who stand by us and lift us up, support, and thrive off of our accomplishments. We need those who will embrace our strengths but continue to hold us through our mistakes and hardships. And, in turn…We do the same for them.
Family is unbroken, untarnished, and unforgotten. You cannot take away a true family, for their bond is stronger than anything that could ever be imagined into existence. Family is the one guarantee we have in this broken world…and I am honored to say that I have found mine.


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