My Birth Order Made Me Who I Am Today


I was my parents’ first born child. I came in this world when they finally made the decision to take that leap into all things parenthood. I was the child who would begin that stage in their lives and change them forever.
Two years later, my parents became parents again. My sister was born, and they were through with having children. But, life would always be much different for my sister and me…
With birth order comes certain expectations, ones that I believe to be much greater for the first born child. I was the “test drive” kid. My parents fine-tuned their newly found parenting practices on me, like a tiny lab rat. As I grew older, I set the precedent for the rules and anticipations from my parents. But, those same standards never applied to my sister. By the time she rolled around to the age that I was expected to perform a set task, my parents gave slack and bended their rules. With me, it was balls-to-the-wall on how certain things should be done. This went with chores, bedtime, school, etc. More emphasis was always placed on my growing up period than my sister’s. More times than not, I didn’t see it as a positive thing.
I strongly believe that my birth order made me the person that I am today. I am extremely structured and hold set standards for pretty much everything that I do. My sister is the opposite in so many ways. I am hard on myself and always feel that I fall short in accomplishments. My sister, in contrast, builds herself up with whatever she does. She is never shy about voicing her successes. Though we were raised in the same household, our birth order defined our personalities to a giant degree. What is your birth order, and how has it defined the person that you are today?


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