Why My Dog is Better Than Yours


About a year ago, I made one of the most unpredictable decisions that I have ever made: I adopted a dog. She was my husband’s Father’s Day surprise, but I had fallen for her the first day that I saw her in that shelter. Deena was advertised as a mastiff, but she was clearly not just that. Deena’s fur is mostly white, with an array of colors. She has brown spots on her body and large black spots around her eyes. Her skin underneath, however, is pink with black spots. Even her paw pads are designed this way. She has a bulky face, with droopy lips and ears. Her smile is gigantic, and one cannot help but smile back when they see it paired with the way that her brown eyes can light up her face. She has a large build, over 75 pounds, but stocky like a bulldog. Deena is actually listed to be this mix as well, but our vet believes she is more likely a combination of mastiff and pit-bull.
All of this may sound like an unlikely mix of characteristics, but Deena is actually an extremely beautiful creature. She is a dog that cannot be compared to any other, since she is so unique in her appearance. Often, we are complimented on what a pretty dog we have. Many have said that she looks like she is wearing makeup on her face because of the patches around her eyes.
Deena’s behavior has come nothing short of amazing me. In a house with 5 cats and 2 small children, our first concern was the way that she would interact with our family. Our reluctance was squashed when we realized that her best friend was a kitten and that she guarded the boys’ rooms.
Since we are actually Deena’s first encounter in a human home, she is still a bit fearful of the ways of our species. But, this last year has held great strides to warm her up to our family. Deena has never snapped, growled, or shown any other form of aggressive behavior toward us. One day, I watched Kayden play with her ears and her paws as she looked at me like the most defeated dog on this planet, almost to say, “I realize tiny human is cleaning me. I do not understand this creature, the strange noises he makes, or his sudden movements…but I know that he is family. I will be a good girl and let him finish his task.” She is the gentlest giant I have ever experienced, and I have no doubt that she would be the last creature in the world to ever do harm to us.
Deena is housetrained well and loves to sleep. She knows that her potty area is outside, and she has confidence that we will take her when we are ready. She stays patient and often is not in a big hurry to go outside if she is tired. In the mornings, it’s all that we can do to wake her up because she loves to sleep in, and she is usually falling asleep by 8PM!
And, we can’t forget about Deena’s favorite things: peanut butter, digging outside, sticks, walks, and running. She is a giant personality that matches her size. Deena is smart and realizes the cues for her favorites—the jingle of her harness, the opening of a certain cupboard, or an excited statement. That smile of hers could brighten even the darkest of days.
So, you see…that unpredictable, crazy decision that I made a year ago was made to be. We needed this canine family member as much as she needed us. We are showing her life, and she is showing us the same—both from a different perspective. And, for that…Deena is the best dog we could ever have asked for.


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