I don’t run…unless I’m being chased


I don’t run. I don’t go to the gym. And, I’m still not fat. Let this soak in for a bit, and then let me explain….
I believe that we are living in a time period that is very black and white. You are either hideously overweight or you are an exercise fanatic. That in-between area of normal is slowly disappearing. It’s become apparent to me that there are no common sense standards for weight control now, but only drastic measures. People are running for miles and spending hours exercising a day, not to mention the crazy diet plans out there.
I like to think that I am one of those few people out there who still have the understanding of healthy living. I love food, but I watch what I eat…to an extent. Obviously, I make a conscious attempt to not overeat. And, I pay attention to what I am eating each day. For instance, if I threw in some potato chips with lunch…then I try to go easy on dinner. It’s that simple. As for exercising, life is exercise. Contrary to popular beliefs regarding stay-at-home moms, I don’t sit around all day. I am cleaning, playing with the kids, and walking the dog. I make sure to stay active, especially when I’ve eaten foods that are high in calorie content. However, I am not going to let exercising take over my life.
I do not believe for a second that our bodies are made to run miles at a time or to perform the other hardcore exercise routines that are out there. We are not created to live on diet shakes, supplements, or whatever other health concoctions that are being hyped up around us. Good food is all around us; it just is a matter of making smart choices and balancing your decisions. Life is full of activity, if you stay busy. You won’t see me running, unless I’m being chased.


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