My butt is happy, and so am I


Turning 18, the age of a legal adult, often leads to crazy decisions to show “independence.” I can safely say I have a lengthy list of ballsy moments from my younger days, but the age of 18 led to a certain tattoo that still makes me laugh. It all started with a bunny…
My high school years took place in the era of Happy Bunny, a sarcastic cartoon character with naughty sayings. This bunny could be found at some of my favorite stores in the mall, Spencer’s and Hot Topic. I immediately fell in love with all things Happy Bunny, as the character reminded me so much of myself: small and mouthy!
It shouldn’t have been surprising when, one day at school, I made the impulsive decision to get a tattoo. What may have been surprising is that I decided to get Happy Bunny as my first piece of ink. Even more surprising…I got it on my butt. I wanted a hidden place for the tattoo, and I had the “light bulb” moment of my left butt cheek when I found the ideal picture of Happy Bunny. She was bending over with a kiss mark on her butt cheek. So, I was like…Why not imprint her on my butt for eternity? It sounded like a no-brainer at the time.
And, so…I printed out the destined tattoo design on the school library’s printer and made the trip to the tattoo artist after school. My friend knew a guy who did them out of his home, but I at least had the sense to double check that all new items were being used. That still didn’t cure being bent over a chair with an audience. Ahh, independence… The tattoo process itself was not bad, but what I remember most is putting on my pants afterwards. Boy did that burn! I then embarked on a mission to show the world my butt, one person at a time.
Obviously, the tattoo is still there. I’m sure that it is assumed that I will now state how huge of a mistake it is and lecture anyone who would make such a stupid, spur-of-the-moment decision. In truth, it’s quite the opposite. I could care less about the smiling companion on my left cheek. In fact, I am empowered by it. I had the guts to do something that most wouldn’t. I chose to be different, and I chose to be me. And, I know no better statement to make at 18.


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