Amendment to my Writing Goal


10478138_10152401034353096_8034781104789001252_nI have to apologize: I have become lax on my blog in the last couple of days. I threw a surprise party for Quentin’s 30th birthday party and spent today with shopping, a movie, and preparations for events to come. The end of our summer is busy this year, and I am fighting to balance everything at once.
If I am absent, please know that my writing does not leave me. I think about this part of my life multiple times a day. My existence revolves around speaking my mind in the most vivid sense that words can accomplish. This is my calling, and I will grasp to it regardless of the trials and tribulations that my life pitches to me.
Awhile back, I posted a goal of writing in this blog every day. I have found this to be my way of keeping tabs on the dream of a talent that has always rested in my soul. But, I realize today that this goal is far from realistic. No matter how much I feel that writing calls my name, I cannot put that pause on life that is needed to accommodate both worlds. Instead, I will promise that I will make a valid attempt each day to make a contribution to my life in writing. If there is a lapse in posts, do not think for a minute that I have walked away. Turning my back is not an option…and I will always return.


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