A Typical Day in the Life of Me


I had a moment to myself yesterday, just before the boys were to get off the bus from school and bring the mass chaos of the night right along with them.  Yes, I spend the days at home…but I do not count that as a moment to myself.  To reach the true point of “moment to myself,” there has to be a low amount of tasks that are needed to be completed so that I can actually relax without guilt. 

                I sat in that big rocker on the porch, crossing my green-striped sock feet.  Easing open the computer on my lap, I searched for a topic to write about.  I came across the perfect one, though it was too late to complete the task for the day.  I spent maybe 5 more minutes on the computer, editing a picture of Kayden eating at the fire, and then I went about my usual duties. 

                That brings me to this morning: coffee in hand and a quiet house.  My topic was to bullet my day, and so today will be perfect to start from the beginning.  Many do not realize that, as a stay-at-home mom, I still live a very busy life…

  • The alarm went off around 4:30AM, and Quentin performed his usual routine of shutting it off and collapsing back into bed.  I attempted to argue that we should get up, but that effort turned into my own plunge back into sleep world. 
  • 4:45AM, and we’re finally emerging from that comfy space that keeps drawing us back to its presence.  I do my usual of stumbling to the closet, grabbing the clothes I have set out the day before, walking down the hallway to the spare bedroom, grabbing the laptop, and juggling the two down the stairs.  I place the laptop on the arm rest of the couch and head to the bathroom to drop off my clothes. 
  • It’s coffee time!  I grab a cup, with just barely enough milk to cool it down.  This is about the point that I realize we’re out of straws.  Yes, I drink coffee with a straw.  It stains your teeth, you know, so this is my way of preserving what I can…I find a black and white striped paper straw from Jesse’s Harry Potter-themed birthday party and figure this will suffice so I head to the living room with the drink.
  • I check Facebook like it’s the morning paper and realize that the traffic I was stuck in yesterday was bad enough to make the news.  Facebook also did its usual job of reiterating how self-absorbed people really are.  By the time I got to post my own status, it was time for another cup of coffee.  Two is my routine—just enough to give me a good case of the jitters and a spring in my step to get through the morning.  I realized my straw did not hold up to the heat, and the paper is peeling away.  Into the trash it goes, and I rummage through the drawer to come up with a hard plastic penguin straw.  Classy.
  • It’s back to Facebook with cup of coffee number 2.  I post a status about Kayden’s swim lessons and a new recipe.  Now, it’s on to Yahoo to check the actual news.  Here, I am reminded of beheadings and Joan Rivers’ condition—not to compare the two.  I then drift to my Gmail, where I delete the usual junk and search my messages for useful coupons with no such luck. 
  • This is where I began typing up this post, as Quentin was leaving for work.  I am off now, as Jesse needs his medicine.  I will continue my bullets throughout the day…
  • I wake Jesse up for his first morning dose of medicine, and then I go poop (Coffee always makes me poop). I ready my things for a shower.  There, I realize that I have not double-checked the weather and go to do so.  Sunny and 78.  Not too bad.  This may actually warrant something other than a ponytail.  I look at the clock…I won’t be in the shower until 5:45AM, and I know that Kayden is likely to be up at 6AM on the dot. 
  • I hurry through the shower and am surprised when I do not hear Kayden up.  Maybe I’ll have time to do my hair after all?  Maybe even some makeup?  I open the door, once I am dressed.  There sits Kayden, in the playroom.  Shit.  I guess half-up ponytail is the day’s style.  Forget makeup.  This boy wants breakfast! 
  • I accomplish a half-assed attempt at getting myself around for the day, in between giving Kayden his medicine and having him go pee.  Now, the battle over breakfast begins.  What do you want today?  He agrees to nothing.  Finally, I have had it and get him cereal.  He decides on applesauce.  I put the milk away only to hear him change his mind to cereal.  I tell him he’s getting applesauce.  This leads to him pouting and sitting on the kitchen floor.  Awesome. 
  • I look at the clock.  Well past 6AM, and Jesse needs woken up.  I hurry him out of bed and am relieved to be greeted with a smile and a “Good morning, Mom.”  At least he is in a good mood.  I give him his other morning dose of medicine and his breakfast, as Kayden has now finished his applesauce and is adamant about having cereal with Jess.  I pour two  bowls, one for each of them. 
  • The milk is already on the counter so I mind as well make my breakfast.  My meals always revolve around what needs used up, and this morning’s menu seems to be hamburger buns.  Egg sandwich it is.  We need eggs so it gets put on the AnyList app that Quentin and I share on our phones.  I add cheese, spinach, tomato, and peppers.  A glass of milk completes the meal. 
  • I instruct the boys to finish their breakfast, as Jesse is pouring a second bowl.  I proceed to the living room, where I turn on a recorded episode of “Jane Valez-Mitchell.”  She is covering Jodi Arias and her continued antics. 
  • Of course, I do not finish the show.  I hurry through breakfast and see that Jesse is in the shower, and Kayden is dressed.  I remind Jesse to wash well, and I tell Kayden to stop crawling on the floor like a dog.  I brush my teeth, as Jesse is exiting the shower and getting dressed. 
  • I help Jesse to comb his hair.  I clean his ankle with peroxide, where he wrecked his bicycle.  The wound gets topped with a glow-in-the-dark Sponge bob Band-Aid, which proves to be a pain in the ass to put on. I double check that his homework is not due until Friday, and Jesse confirms that it stays here until that day. 
  • Kayden gets his teeth brushed and hair combed.  I remind him to be good in school.  I tell him he is to actually buy the popcorn chicken that is for lunch, instead of making me pay $2 for a pb&j. 
  • I continue with morning tasks: picking up the kitchen, making our bed, setting out the boys’ clothes for tomorrow, cleaning litterboxes, and doing laundry.  I realize that it is chilly outside so I put sweatshirts on the boys. 
  • I instruct Jesse to watch for the bus to go up through, as he plays train set with Kayden.  I tell him that he should do this each morning, starting at 7:15AM.  I send Kayden upstairs to make his bed and pick up his room.
  • I unload, load, and run, the dishwasher, while simultaneously watching for the bus to go up through.  I question the kids on if they have seen the bus.  It is now 7:30AM.  They have missed it going up through so it is time for them to just sit and wait for it on the porch.  Kayden is being slow, and the boys are arguing.  I break up the battle and instruct Kayden to hurry. 
  • I straighten up Kayden’s room, as he really didn’t do much with it.  I have given the boys the new independence of waiting on our porch for the bus together, but I decide to hover around the living room window to watch them get on anyway.  I pick up the living room and do a quick check of Facebook.  The bus comes, and I watch the whole scenario of Jesse hauling Kayden up the sidewalk and onto it.  Kayden takes a bit to select a seat, and Jesse makes his way to his obviously pre-selected spot. 
  • The bus pulls away, and I decide that it is time to catch up with the bullet list.  All that excitement, and I have to poop again.  Story of my life.
  • I did my business and realized that Deena still needed her joint supplement so I slathered it in peanut butter and went to wake her up.  She thinks that we get up way too early and didn’t even stand to take it.  I let her lick the extra peanut butter off of my fingers, and she flopped back over to continue her sleep.  Ahh, the life of a dog.
  • I washed the slime off of my hands and remembered that laundry was done so I did some folding.  The kitchen needs a clean dish towel so I take one out and then realized the floor still needed to be swept.  I finished that and then light a candle so the kitchen would smell pretty.  I also light candles in the dining room to aid in the Fall scent. 
  • I add “Honey Do” list items for Quentin and check the Time Hop app to relive Jesse’s first day of second grade, swimming, and randomness of Kayden.  I share some of the fun memories to Facebook and then came back up to update this list.  There’s still some laundry to fold so off I go!
  • I thought I’d put some effort toward myself and tweeze my eyebrows.  I just can’t see how it’s worth paying to get them waxed when they can be done at home.  This is about the point where I notice that the bathroom mirror was dirty so I went around cleaning mirrors/windows in the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, and Jesse’s room. 
  • When in Jesse’s room, I see that his hamper is full.  So much for being caught up with laundry!  So, I fill the washer once again and get more laundry started. 
  • The boys , for some unknown reason, enjoy stuffing random small toys in the train table.  Today was no exception, and I found myself digging them out to put them in the toy box.  It’s a task that will need done again once they come home, discover the toys have been moved, and replenish them in the train table.
  • The phone rings, and it’s Kayden’s doctor’s office.  His ADHD medicine has not yet been effective so the doctor is suggesting a different dose.  We are to try this for a week and then give him a call with updates.
  • It’s disinfecting time, as I arm myself with the Lysol!  With this magical juice, I scrub the toilet, bathroom scale, kitchen sink, microwave, stove, dishwasher, cabinets, and fridge.  That ought to kill some germs! 
  • Next is the vacuum.  I suck up dirt in the entire downstairs of the house, which always makes a monumental difference in its appearance.  I return to update the bullets.
  • The paper towels need refilled, and then the dishwasher got unloaded as well.  I gave Deena food and water and then set out to try a new recipe for mini cheesecakes.  By the time that they were in the oven, it was time for lunch.  There are still hamburger rolls and one salmon burger left so I make myself a salmon burger with tartar sauce, cheese, and veggies.  I sample one of the cheesecakes when they emerge from the oven, but it is difficult to tell the outcome when they are still hot.
  • Laundry is ready to be switched over by this time, and I start more.  I need to get the mail but realize that Deena is ready to go out for a potty break so I take her first.  Mail turns out to be junk mail and bills…surprise, surprise.  I head back out and pick up some branches that have fallen in the yard from last night’s storm and then turn on the pool. 
  • The trash needs gathered up for burning, from all the cooking and cleaning materials.  When I finish with that, I realize that Deena has already drank all of her water so it’s down to our basement “stockpile” I go for more distilled water.  That reminds me: We need more added to the list.  I just thought of that as I am writing this so I am off to add it and work on our overall grocery list for this weekend’s shopping trip.
  • I finished most of the shopping list, which involves meal planning for the month, listing ingredients, couponing, and checking sales.  I then switch over the laundry again before heading out to burn the trash.  I pick up the kitchen a bit and update this. 
  • I empty the spare bedroom trash, as I notice that it is full.  Laundry needs folded again so I begin to work on this.  I realize that the new recipe trial for tonight, Spaghetti Carbonara, should probably be started.  I am back to updating this, and the kids will be home soon…
  • The spaghetti Carbonara was a success, at least to Jesse and me.  Kayden was not fond of it and is still eating.  While cooking dinner, I finished folding laundry and then went through Kayden’s backpack after he got home.  I am updating the bullets and then headed downstairs to go through Jesse’s backpack, as he says that there is Reading homework.
  • I went through Jesse’s backpack to find all the usual randomness that comes home: papers, drawings, and forms to fill out.  There is Reading homework, but he is still working on his Spelling because he had misread the directions and had to start over.  Kayden finally finished his dinner, after losing Wii for repeatedly dumping his milk into his food.  I gave Deena her second dose of joint supplement, along with the remaining milk from my dinner.  She seemed happy.
  • More laundry is on the menu, and I had the boys change into old clothes so I could get their school clothes and sweatshirts from today washed.  In the middle of the task, I was informed by Jesse that the cat got sick in his room so I had the lovely job of scrubbing the carpet.  It is a nice day outside, and I am hoping that Jesse finishes homework soon and that Quentin returns home fairly early so we all can spend time outdoors.  At the moment, I am updating these bullets.
  • I decide to let the boys try the mini cheesecakes so that I can have a bite and know how they taste cold.  They do not complain and are quite impressed with the newfound recipe.  I ask Kayden if he wants a drink.  He refuses milk.  I offer them both juice boxes, which end up having a few sips taken out of them and then thrown out. 
  • It’s finally time to go outside!  This requires bathroom breaks, sunscreen, old shoes, and the dog leash.  The boys race out the door; the dog follows; and I am pulled behind. 
  • I hook up Deena and then am roped into jumping on the trampoline with the kids.  I am tired by this point, but it doesn’t much matter to them.  I’m hoping that Quentin will come home early and give me an excuse to stop jumping.
  • A half hour has passed; I am still jumping around like a rabbit; and there is still no sign of Quentin.  I have learned a lot about the boys’ days at school and have chased them around in circles countless times.  I suggest that we go in so that I can call Dad.  They want to stay on the swing set.  I dash inside for the phone and go to the porch to make the call.  He is 5 minutes away and has signed Kayden up for swim lessons.  Good.
  • The kids have decided to get out their bikes, and I am wandering aimlessly around the yard.  I pick weeds in my flower bed and take in the appearance of my new daisies.  I realize I am not wearing makeup and turn away from cars at each chance I get. 
  • Quentin pulls in, and the boys are excited.  I ask them if they want to go with him when he walks Deena, and they say no.  Jesse responds that they’re having a good time playing together, and I turn to see him pushing Kayden on the swing.  It makes me smile. 
  • Quentin goes in the house, and I wait around for him to return for Deena.  The boys are ambling toward the front of the house, and I am staying midway to watch everyone.  Quentin comes out to get Deena, and she inevitably jumps on my leg.  A lovely scratch will say hello to my razor tomorrow morning. 
  • The boys continue to ride bikes for some time.  They both wreck and get up.  I have them come in with me so that I can get a book but end up talking to my mom and aunt on the phone instead. 
  • Quentin pulls back in.  He sits beside me on the porch, and we talk for a bit before having the boys come inside.  I instruct them to please keep their dirty hands off of the wall, and they get ready for bed. 
  • Kayden takes forever in the shower, as usual.  In the meantime, I am attempting to put on my own pajamas…while instructing him on what comes next in the shower.  Jesse is getting ready for bed upstairs, and Quentin is unloading the dishwasher. 
  • I am now realizing that my face looks horrible because it is breaking out so bad.  Kayden emerges from the shower, takes his time drying off, actually dresses himself without instruction, and begins to look for his comb.  He is too short to realize it is on top of the stand.  I give in on my own agenda and comb his hair.  He runs off. 
  • I go to the kitchen, where Quentin is trying to guess ingredients on my new recipes.  I like to make him guess and laugh hysterically at the attempts.  Thank God he is not a cook!  I finally let him in on the process of making his dinner and dessert. 
  • This reminds me that I planned to make a special breakfast for the kids: Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Smoothies!  The blueberries are thawing, and I need to make these tonight.  I get started.  Quentin gives a half-hearted attempt at assisting; Jesse comes through and asks about what is going on; and Kayden is nowhere to be found.
  • Quentin has found Kayden up in his bed: He is not waiting for 8PM.  Jesse is still reading his book.  It is time for him to hit the sack too. 
  • Jesse and I play the “I love  you more than…” game that we do every night.  He tells me he loves me more than his favorite stuffed animal, and I tell him I love him more than cooking.  He claims that he wins, and it is up for debate. 
  • I realize that Quentin has brought work home, and he confirms it.  This means another night at the computer.  I realize that Jesse has left the upstairs hall light on, and I have him shut it off.  I come downstairs, make myself a drink, and join Quentin at the table. 
  • I am at the table, and Quentin is delving into his world of engineering.  Consider this me finally finishing my bulleted list for the day.  After this, we will go to bed….only to do this all again tomorrow.

DSCN4198[1] DSCN4199[1]


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