5 of My Weirdest Likes


We all have our differing interests, our likes and our dislikes.  They are what make us unique as human beings and give us our own imprint amongst our family and friends.  This morning, I am exploring 5 weird things that I like…

  1. The Smell of Warm Milk: I have always been drawn to this smell and really cannot explain why.  From time to time, I will heat up milk in the microwave for a mug of hot chocolate.  When I do this, I am more drawn to the smell of the milk steaming in the cup beforehand than I am to the hot chocolate itself.
  2. Exotic Animals: Show me any rare or exotic sort of animal, and I am instantly drawn to them.  I have a passion for animal rights, but creatures out of the ordinary hold my attention the most.  I guess my reasoning is that the barely known creatures need the most assistance.
  3. My Own Order: Though I am very much someone who thinks outside the box and hates to be going with the crowd, I love rules.  These rules, however, need to be my own.  Though I realize this sounds super controlling of me, the rules are mostly imposed on myself.  I am much more comfortable if I follow set standards in my everyday living.
  4. Black: This has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember.  To most, this would be considered a “Goth” color, but it’s not like that for me at all.  I consider black to be classic, stable, and beautiful. 
  5. Writing: I prefer this method far over speaking.  Though I realize I have ability with my words, I feel that they are much more complete in their visual form.  I suppose that this is my way of eternalizing my expressions and validating my thoughts.

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