For the Love of Personality



      I am 5 feet tall.  I have long, curly hair and blue eyes.  These are the features that are easy to distinguish.  They create the form that people see in front of them when they look at me.        How many more people on this earth have my height, my hair type, or my eye color?  It’s safe to say that there are probably countless others that fit any of these descriptions, but even my closest look-alike will never hold a candle to me.  The key to that, of course, is personality.  It’s the stuff inside of us that creates who we really are, not our body features. 

            Most of us can relate on the dislike of physical aspects that we carry, but it’s difficult to turn away from our personality.  Why is this?  The answer is simple: We create who we are.  Life can hand us shitty situations, sadness, and terror.  It can change how we feel about things and make us react in ways that we never would have.  But, our personality will always shine through. 

            It is easy to be the person that we want ourselves to be without a second thought.  But, when truly examined…It is much more difficult to pinpoint the traits that form our character in the ways that we have subconsciously chosen.  Following are 3 of my favorite personality traits:

  • I do not follow the crowd.  I like the things that most overlook or have not given special thought to.  Most of the time, I choose these things on purpose because I thrive off of being unique.
  • I am opinionated.  I love to speak my piece, and I can make one hell of an argument to back up my point.  I have strong beliefs and do not allow myself to be bullied into believing what others do. 
  • I am sensitive.  I feel love, hurt, sadness, etc. to their extreme.  Emotions hit me hard, which helps me to understand them even more. 


**I have not had much feedback on this blog lately, though I see that I am acquiring a number of followers.  I encourage you all to examine your own personalities, as I have found this to be a wonderful tool to gain understanding of myself.  Feel free to share what you have found; I am interested to know who my readers really are…


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