This Year’s Renovation


July 31, 2009 was the day that my husband turned 25. It also happened to be the day that we officially became homeowners.  The house we picked was not new.  It was not bright and bold.  In fact, it was rather ordinary.  It was downright dreary to tell the truth, an old structure owned by an elderly woman before us.  To us, it was beautiful and held potential to contain countless memories of our family as the years passed.  Little by little, we have built this house into our castle.

As I had touched on in a previous post, we renovate something every year.  We plan ahead, save the money, and move toward our improvement.  This year’s goal was the foundation of our house.  Old and uneven, our foundation is an eyesore.  It once had windows, but these have been since broken and covered with whatever the previous owners could salvage.  In contrast to its age, our house has pristine white siding and bright blue shudders and roof.  But the foundation has always given away its time.


The process began today, and it began with a bang.  I was expecting the contractor to arrive this morning so I was cleaning up a storm. Shutting the vacuum off around 9:30AM, I realized that there was a ruckus in the basement.  Hammering, drilling, and whatever the hell those crafty noises were had begun in an instant.  I continued to complete tasks around the house, working until lunch.  By this time, Deena was ready to go out again so we ventured out to take a look.  In our lawn was a heaping pile of randomness: old window panes, glass, boards, newspapers…It all came from that ancient foundation.  There were two gaping holes in the side, where the old windows had been removed.



I let Deena finish her business, took her inside, and approached the contractor’s truck (where he and his son were taking a lunch break).  He said that the process was going well, and the new brick would be laid today.  I was impressed.  I mean, there are giant holes in the side that lead straight to our basement!  He assured me that it would all look much better when they were done; he would have it covered; and then they would resume the task on Monday.

They went back to work, and I came back outside to snap some pics on the phone (because that may look more normal than doing full-out camera shots).  I sent them to Quentin so that he could see the process, and he called to check on where they were.  He is coming home tonight to take a look himself before they head out for the weekend, but we are both excited to see what a difference this will make to the outside of our home.

10608296_10152526732468096_8184860489552664941_o 10687398_10152526732278096_5643848190565388633_o

Day 2 (Monday) began the process of laying the mesh and concreting. I was inside for most of it, but I came out later in surprise at how much different it all looked.  The foundation was not yet smooth, but much more uniform.  The contractor decided to take a day in between to allow the project to dry and then come back for completion.

10494443_10152528454538096_6559237048645027486_o 10661782_10152528453873096_6180400862441003228_o

The next day had some rain in the morning, which made me a bit nervous about the drying process. This was the day that the contractors would not be visiting, and I worried that something would go wrong that would cause us to start all over again.  There was not much we could do but wait…

Day 3 began with a bang again, as the contractors set to work.  I was on the phone when they came and didn’t get out to see the progress until after lunch.  Deena found the contractors to be hazardous to her “pack” (our family) so she made a point in barking at the men when I took her on her potty break.  The men were not afraid of her so I guess it was a fail on Deena’s part.  She sniffed around and watched them nervously, as she did not trust them around our house.

I was told that the project was almost complete and quickly texted Quentin to send him home.  Quentin got here an hour and 15 minutes later and had his moment to check the finished product.  We were all fascinated at the new smoothness that our foundation boasted.  We will need to replace the mulch, which we pushed away from the side of the house.  Other than that, I can’t wait till Spring so we can plant more bushes and finally get started on adding curb appeal to the side of the house!

1048932_10152531771178096_8694542754910698063_o 10644571_10152531771503096_8629024551508409764_o


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