Life Lessons My Children Have Taught Me

  1. I am stronger than I ever imagined: Getting up at 4:30AM? No problem, with a little coffee. Sick? I suck it up and pull through. Hurt? I work through the pain.
  2. There is so much more to this world than me: My kids are the next generation. They are little human beings that I am shaping for the future. After them will most likely come their own children, and so on. I am just a mere step in the process.
  3. Expect the unexpected: Nothing in this world seems to go as I had planned that it would…whether it is a single day, a moment, or years of my life. I have very little control. With this, I have learned to strap in and make the best of this ride that I can.
  4. We forget to see as adults: As children, it’s the little things that delight and evoke beauty. As adults, we no longer appreciate those things. My kids have re-awoken the small wonders of the world, and I hope to remind them to never forget them as they grow.
  5. Love unconditionally: Not only do I love my children for who they are, but they have shown me that they love to the same degree. My children don’t care if I am a train wreck of emotions, a mess in the morning, or a frantic bundle of stress. My kids understand that I am human, as I reciprocate in my feelings to them.
  6. Make memories: My kids motivate me to make bucket lists, take endless pictures, and use time to its fullest. We have taken great adventures together, at home as well as in travel. I will only raise them once, and they will not be children forever. I try my best to make every moment count.10600620_10152614033748096_1843468362702499705_n

Financial Secrets of a Stay-at-Home Mom

I don’t make a dime, but I consider my financial position in this household to be one of the most important. So, how could it be that I hold myself to such high accountability when I am a mere stay-at-home mom?  I save the money.  I budget the money.  And, I overall plan for our expenses and savings.

My job did not come quickly.   Time had to pass; shit had to get thrown at us; and I had to take charge with this time that I am given at home.  It began slowly, with budget grocery stores and sacrifices.  This run-of-the-mill method evolved with time, leading to monthly grocery planning, scoping out sales, yard sale shopping, and couponing.

Fast forward to present day, as I have just finished checking the computer for the latest sales.  It is Christmas shopping time, and we use gift cards that we buy each month through the year to aid in the expenses.  We also buy slowly, beginning early.  There were no immaculate sales today so I passed on ordering kids’ clothes.

My day usually begins with checking those sales.  I receive emails from couponing websites that highlight the special deals, and I follow those sites on Facebook as well.  These list printable coupons or online sales.  Recently, I emailed a few companies to request coupons.  I got a positive response the other day, complete with coupons in the mail.  I was ecstatic getting the mail today as well, discovering that 3 companies had sent a total of 11 coupons in response to my emails!

All of these existing deals can be coupled with the Apps on my phone, which give discounts on certain products each week.  All I have to do is take a picture of my receipt with any of those products, upload it, and the savings is placed in my account.  Once the balance reaches $20, I can “cash out” to receive a check in the mail.

Though time consuming, my hard work has paid off.  We are saving more money each month on grocery shopping, and we have even begun to build up a stockpile of bulk items and extra items that have been on sale.  Every little bit counts, and I am proud to say that I am contributing this way towards our family’s financial future.


When I go about my business,

Ignoring what’s inside.

Please know that it’s a cover,

For this hurt cannot subside.

When I brush you off and pull away

I need you even more.

But when you pull away yourself,

It wounds me to the core.

When I pour that drink each night,

I am grasping for relief.

I wish that you were my escape

To extinguish all this grief.

Those moments before bed at night

Are when desperation hits.

Realize these are cries for help,

And see beyond the fits.

When I wake up in the morning,

I’m tired of feeling so sad.

I need your help to get me through

       And to take away the bad.