Life Lessons My Children Have Taught Me

  1. I am stronger than I ever imagined: Getting up at 4:30AM? No problem, with a little coffee. Sick? I suck it up and pull through. Hurt? I work through the pain.
  2. There is so much more to this world than me: My kids are the next generation. They are little human beings that I am shaping for the future. After them will most likely come their own children, and so on. I am just a mere step in the process.
  3. Expect the unexpected: Nothing in this world seems to go as I had planned that it would…whether it is a single day, a moment, or years of my life. I have very little control. With this, I have learned to strap in and make the best of this ride that I can.
  4. We forget to see as adults: As children, it’s the little things that delight and evoke beauty. As adults, we no longer appreciate those things. My kids have re-awoken the small wonders of the world, and I hope to remind them to never forget them as they grow.
  5. Love unconditionally: Not only do I love my children for who they are, but they have shown me that they love to the same degree. My children don’t care if I am a train wreck of emotions, a mess in the morning, or a frantic bundle of stress. My kids understand that I am human, as I reciprocate in my feelings to them.
  6. Make memories: My kids motivate me to make bucket lists, take endless pictures, and use time to its fullest. We have taken great adventures together, at home as well as in travel. I will only raise them once, and they will not be children forever. I try my best to make every moment count.10600620_10152614033748096_1843468362702499705_n

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