30 Pieces of Me

  1. The only meat I will eat is seafood; it doesn’t technically make me a vegetarian, but it is the only type of creature I do not feel guilty for eating.
  2. I set rules for every little thing that I do, in order to feel that I have some control over what happens to me.
  3. I have Celiac Disease and have been living the gluten free lifestyle since 2008.
  4. Pictures are my obsession, as they freeze moments in time.
  5. Writing is my favorite outlet, and I will lash out at anyone who tries to sensor my written thoughts.
  6. I have a passion for animal rights and tend to sympathize much more for animals than people.
  7. My favorite color is black because it is simple and classic…not because I am Goth.
  8. I got married on my 23rd birthday, as a way to mesh two celebrations into one.
  9. My hair is like a lion mane so I often pull it up, though I realize it looks much better down and straight.
  10. I am a whopping 5 foot tall, which means that my children will most likely tower over me sooner than later.
  11. I only feel comfortable driving small cars, and “comfortable” still would be defined as very limited traveling in a non-highway setting.
  12. My weight fluctuates all the time with no rhyme or reason.
  13. Our house is located in a tiny town out in the woods, and I couldn’t be happier with the setting.
  14. I love to cook and try new recipes.
  15. My taste in music screams random.
  16. I wake up at 4:30AM every day of my life, just to keep a routine and not feel lazy.
  17. My views on religion are quite open: I question if there is a God; absolutely believe in ghosts; and also entertain the idea of reincarnation.
  18. I don’t know what I would do without multi-tasking; my mind runs a mile a minute constantly, and I find that I need to keep it grounded by overloading myself.
  19. I am bisexual, though I am married to a man.
  20. Pinterest is the manual to my life.
  21. I clean constantly and am a bit of a germophobe.
  22. I find myself drawn to pretty much everything that is unique or exotic.
  23. I would much rather be inside than out.
  24. I had C-sections for both of my kids, as a result of their sizes.
  25. I have a Bachelor in Criminal Justice, though I am a stay-at-home mom.
  26. My number one pet peeve is lying; we were not given the power of speech for deception.
  27. Though I am not one to keep my mouth shut about others, I am hardest on myself.
  28. Though I feel good dressing up and taking time on myself, I am a sucker for comfort.
  29. I have been through things by this age that some will not even compare to in a lifetime.
  30. I revolve my life around our family, and I cannot imagine the day that the kids grow up.




         I rise early in the morning, though my shadows will not awake until later. I feed my shadows, and my shadows watch as I put together my own breakfast. I go about the daily tasks, and I prepare myself as my shadows take note. As I clean, my shadows are aware of my dedication to our home. As I cook, my shadows know the importance of nourishment. As I spend time with my shadows, they know that they are not to be left in the dark. The day wears on like this, as I am well aware that my shadows are a constant. They are always there, one step away. The way that I conduct my daily life is not lost upon my growing shadows; it is always setting an example.

            It’s a great responsibility, but one that I realize will not be everlasting. As difficult as it is to imagine, my shadows will one day pull away. They will gain light as they age and they will move forward with all that they observed. Someday, they will find their own shadows. And, I hope that they will realize the beauty of that time in their lives…for our shadows don’t stay young forever.