In Between

My name is Sam, and I am a human. I speak words; I walk on two legs; and I live in a way that is generally expected for Homo sapiens–those creatures that are viewed in such a superior position above all other beings.  I was born into this life to share an existence with the other people around me.  We would socialize and build lives together within our species.  Hunting down some species that are different from us is congratulated, while we choose others as our pets.  Our feelings are taught to run a certain direction, to be turned off toward one animal and tweaked to accommodate others.  But, there are a select few of us who wander off of that path to search outside of what is expected.

We are the “in-betweens.”  Though we were born human, we hold distaste toward our species.  We are the ones who are often found with our noses buried in books, with a cat on our lap.  We are found dressing different, thinking different, and not giving a damn what others think about us.  Secluding ourselves is the way that we choose to stay away from the toxicity that our own kind has bound itself to, and we generally find more comfort in beings that are not of our kind.  From an early age, I realized that I thought differently than those around me.  I challenged concepts that were considered the norm and questioned people’s motives.

A pet owner from the start, I knew that I connected with animals differently than most of the people I knew.  There is quietness to an animal’s soul that is difficult, if not impossible, to describe.  I could sit beside a cat, dog, hamster, etc. and feel that they were generally good.  They couldn’t speak words like people could, but their eyes told their feelings.  And, that’s all it took for me to understand them.  There wasn’t all the chaos in their eyes, like humans hold.  Like the bodies that bind them, their eyes are naked to this world.  In their often short lifetimes, these animals are presenting all that they are to anyone who will truly see them.  I can find more comfort in a few spared minutes with an animal than I can with many human relatives or friends.

Keeping up with people is a daunting task.  There are forced social engagements, fake smiles, and constant drama.  The majority of human beings have lost their way in this world, preferring to exist in a hypocritical universe that tends to revolve around them.  Animals will not talk behind our back.  Animals will not deceive us.  Animals will not turn away from us.  They are the only piece of this world that remains pure and untainted.

Though I have a family of my own and a few close friends and loved ones that I maintain relationships with, I choose to accept animals as our equals.  I choose a life surrounded by good, a life that sees beyond the closed minds of humans…though I am one myself.  I live in-between, and I am proud that I have the presence of mind to know that the black and white rules of the human race were never for me.