Eye View


Rising in the darkness

And grasping her hands…

I struggle to wake her

And bring her soul to land.

I drag her body upright,

And push her forth again.

This struggle is familiar,

For every day it’s been.

I watch the eyes as they see me,

And I cringe for the wave that’s to come.

For, the eyes that once held sunshine,

Now are windows where hurt comes from.

The blue that once caught breaths for her

Now break apart with clouds.

I never knew, without a word,

That your soul could scream so loud.

All the years caught up to her:

The heartbreaks, let downs, and blows.

And, every morning I pull her up

When those eyes just want to stay closed.

What I would give to fix those eyes

To shine on once again;

Mend her heart with hopes and dreams

For all that could have been.

But, the shadows…They are endless;

The sunshine’s gone away.

This mirror, with my reflection

Is my reminder every day.


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