The Man in the Garage


Thank you for changing your brakes that night…for greeting me with a smile when I came in.

You turned the music down when I needed it, but weren’t afraid to crank that volume and hand me a beer when you saw that look in my eye.

Thank you for showing me fun, without a thought of what was to come between us—for being that friend that I had remembered.

Thank you for the heart-to-heart, grabbing my hand in that car, and then allowing me the silence to hear the questions in my head and the thudding of my heart.

We drove literally with no purpose and symbolically toward our future that night…and I felt speechless too.

Thank you for not allowing the night to end and continuing through the doors of that garage alongside me.

The volume resumed, the talking subsided, and I joined you under that car for a staggering first kiss.

Thank you for telling me I was beautiful and making me feel hope again with tagalong kisses and warm hands, but still being the stand-up guy to part ways with me for the evening.

I will never forget our adventure, the very start of this life we would live together.  You were the one who came to the garage that night.  And, for that, I could never be thankful enough.


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