Before Spring’s Touch


Sunshine guides me, a welcome friend;

For those rays have hidden too long.

The naked branches brush the wind,

As they sing their tussled song.

Frozen ground, my boots do find;

The stiff grass leads my way.

I taste the air surrounding me

And appreciate this day.

To enter the trees, I follow the path—

So heavily guarded before.

The woods have grown so sparse now,

As they lead me to their core.

There is no set destination;

My mind is now at ease.

I stop to feel the magic

That has hidden in these trees.

The leaves, they may be missing…

But, they’ve allowed the sun to shine—

To dance and shimmer in frosted land,

In only this special time.

Spring will find its way again

And beckon all the green,

But I have had the privilege

To catch the in between.




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