The Love Story


          THE LOVE STORY: Something that is filling our ears from the moment we are old enough to hear it and is following us throughout each stage of our lives, with a perception and expectation that is hopeless to fulfill. Life begins and ends with the love story, as our heart is the very organ that keeps the blood shooting through our veins–allowing us to feel all those giddy butterflies we reach for.  We are taught that there is perfection out there for each of us, where troubles do not exist and hearts will never be broken.

            Then, one day it hits us.  We were raised with hope for our hearts.  In a dark world, we were read fairy tales of royalty and castles, triumphant relationships, and happy endings.  These stories built walls around our core, holding our passions for as long as those barriers could.  The trouble is, those stories also make us wonder.  Our imagination gets the best of us, and we ache to see our fairytale over the walls.  And so our walls crack…and eventually shatter to bits.  There is no rebuilding, once we make that bold decision to step into the pain-filled world we were protected from.

            Naivety leads us to believe that our other half will be a cookie cutter package, reaching for us with equal force and intention.  Alas, our hearts all beat to a separate rhythm.  Some of our walls were thicker, and some shattered early.  Once entering into the world where fairy tales are fiction, we are slowly afflicted with tarnished hearts…one way or another.  Bitterness, resentment, pain, and sorrow lead us toward throwing away our expectations and setting fire to the butterflies we once cherished—ours, as well as others.

            The Love Story: This is how it really reads…We’ll fall in love, puppy love at first.  But, there will be that one person that’ll leave an impression on our hearts.  There are a few out there who will be lucky enough to fuse those heartbeats together, through cold and darkness, and still build their best version of a fairytale in the end.  But, most of us will face the soul-crushing truth that was hidden from us through years of fiction and wall-building: You are going to get hurt, like you could never imagine.  Your heart will literally crush inside your chest, and no one will be able to bring it back as full as it once was.  Your greatest efforts can’t force forever, and there is far more darkness in this world than one tiny heart can overcome.  The scars from that connection may last for years, if you are lucky.  For most, they’ll never leave.  Your life will change as your body ages, but a piece of you will always be in that other time.  Why?  Because you were raised to find your fairytale.  The problem is, everyone’s fairytales were different.


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