I am you in five years, and you cannot step through that door.  You’re not going to believe me, I know.  But you have got to listen, for your world is about to change forever.  I know it’s fun right now, sneaking into that garage.  It’s exciting and unlike anything that you know from where you are in your relationship now.  But, everything’s about to crumble around you as you walk through that door.  Something that seems like an adventure is going to rip away the path that you wanted this life to take, even if you think this is where you need to go.  You are so wrong.  Your relationship now has calmed, and this new guy pretends to care so much.

            I need you to step away and look into his eyes.  They are dark for a reason, and you know you were always drawn to eyes that reminded you of flying.  You’ll drown in his, and eyes like that aren’t going to show you the sky.  They’ll drag you through the mud instead.  I know that everything feels mixed up right now, and you are grasping for any hand that is held out to you.  But, that door is going to bring you toward a future that haunts you.

            Find your sky again.  He’s still waiting in that time, though maybe a little lost.  You can find him, and the two of you can beat this and fly together.  Step one is to RUN from that door.


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