Patriotic Strawberries

  • White almond bark
  • Strawberries
  • Blue sugar or sprinkles

Rinse and dry the strawberries thoroughly, being careful not to crush the stems. Lay wax paper down for a drying area, and sprinkle a generous amount of blue sugar or sprinkles on a sm. plate for dipping. Melt the white almond bark slowly in the microwave. When the almond bark is melted, dip the strawberries halfway up their body, and then dip the tips in the sugar or sprinkles (Be sure to leave some white showing so there is red, white, and blue. Place the strawberries on the wax paper until the almond bark has fully hardened. Store in the fridge.

*It’s best to consume these the day they are made, as moisture will eventually make the colors run.



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