I dance to the familiar song you are calling, only to be faced with the person you have become in the years that have tainted your soul. To speak to you is to bury my dreams, as I am answered with the ghosted wind of my memories that have frozen in time. You look at me like an object now, when I recall you as my world. I want to know everything, and you only want what you could take and discard, yet again. It’s like I’m burning in front of you, and you’re turning your face to avoid the glare. My feelings are a burden, as the past has turned to stone that I see as eternal and you see as depth and heaviness. I cannot stop the flow of tears, and you are quick to pepper each and every salty drop. You have chosen to use our past as a weapon , but my heart was speared the moment I turned my back. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t wonder what my life would have been, but I pulled through to maintain the world that enveloped me. We are here now, so many years later. Oceans spill from my eyes, and words seep from my soul. You stand before me, a rigid, bitter form of the man that I departed. Each day, each night, I try to break through your concrete barrier. I throw myself, like a ping pong ball, back and forth through the tunnel of forgiveness and anger. My heart is conflicted with what I know and what is placed before me. To break through your barrier is to sell that piece of my soul that I’ll never get back—the part that I held onto when my back turned and the sobs began, and continued, for years to come. To lose that piece of me is to give it all up. And, each night, I hear that familiar song….


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