Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy


Barroom temptress, you burst through the door.

“Hot mess,” you are indeed.

Arriving, boisterously, you flock to the stool

For all of your terrible need.

Ranting and raving profanities,

As you guzzle up the drinks.

All the while, your head believes

You’re finer than we think.

Sweaty, sloppy, slutty,

As you throw yourself at men.

They cringe to picture you pretty,

And are sure that you never have been.

Piercing words are slurring,

Demanding that you be seen.

But, tonight’s another night you’ve shown

Your soul is far from clean.

Don’t You…

Don’t you say you’re sorry

For the shit you sold to me.

Don’t you say you have regrets

For the couple we could be.

Don’t you say you’ve made mistakes

With promises you vowed.

Don’t you say you’re bailing

And can’t take the here and now.

Don’t you leave me wondering;

Don’t you run and hide.

I lay awake and wonder why

You promised that closure…and died.

Dinner Table

Hands, fused to the table before me.

We sit, eye-to-eye, in this debacle of a world that we call home.

Across that table, you are burning

Under the scrutiny of eyes that cut souls like diamonds.

I remain in front of you, an open wound.

You wrapped my soul in bandages,

Only to find blood trailing in rivers across the table.

It is this very space, this very seat

That holds my destiny.

As Night Draws Near…

The darkness comes…

And, inevitably, the fear—

Creeping inside me,

For I know it is near.

Wriggling, writhing,

It beckons my soul.

For, I am the one

That you cannot console.

With pain in my eyes

And a thundering head—

These flashes of night

Hold the weight that I dread.

Fluttering, falling…

My thoughts take their flight.

Daring to see,

As I drift through this night.

The visions retrieved

Are the death to what’s right.

But, I still feel the pull

As the day turns to night.