One Last Round

The truth is, you have lived so many lives that you are too exhausted to finish this one. And, just as each and every one of those lifetimes was written in stone…this journey has a purpose that goes far beyond the finish line. Maybe you weren’t meant to get through this life in one piece.

Perhaps, you were born into turmoil of text to shatter the very verses that bind you to this Earth by wearing out your last bit of breath with truths aching to etch themselves in time. Because all of those tarnished and chipped away parts of you followed each and every existence that your soul has known, until you couldn’t fit new ones anymore. And all of that knowledge you collected came with heartbreaks and pain that corroded at your pieces as the lives passed by like nightmares. And, you knew with this one, didn’t you? You always knew that fate, far stronger than any human life and ruthless to the core, was giving you one last round…