About Sam

Well, where do I start? As the homepage states, I am an “ordinary housewife” with a “not-so-ordinary story.” I believe this wholeheartedly to be the truth, as I have experienced it firsthand. I find it difficult to place the trials and tribulations of my life into a virtual gift box, wrapped up in a neat bow and presented in an orderly fashion. My life has been nothing of the sort, and justice could not possibly be done to explain myself in that form.

And so, I will leave you with the task of seeking me out for yourself. This blog was created in hopes of building upon my own reflections of the past, present, and future. Maybe my outlook will be shared with many, possibly a few… or most likely just to myself. In the end, it doesn’t matter. I write for me.


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Thoughts and Creations of an Ordinary Housewife, with a Not-So-Ordinary Story…

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