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My pain built the staircase–

My memories the treads.

My thoughts built the railings

My mind held with dread.

My heart felt the creaking,

As the floorboards ripped apart

My feet, they kept steady—

I knew from the start…

Our time spent like quicksand,

Staircases too great.

We both had to realize

That we couldn’t climb fate.

So those stairs stopped ascending;

Tears fell through the cracks.

My staircase to heaven…

I’ll never get back.

Raindrops from Fingertips

Let it drip from your fingertips;

Let the words reveal your thoughts.

Never let the silence win

When printed voice has fought.

Your heart will drive the story,

But your head will push it through.

Veins pump with pure emotion;

It’s what you’re born to do.

It all starts when the clouds roll in—

Jumbled thoughts, shading paper and pen.

Thunder crashes/sentences forming…

Flashing ideas, and your moment begins.

Drizzled wording, windy whispers;

Phrases soften to the paper.

Now, your fingertips are raining;

Sometimes, hours before they taper.

Final raindrops/edits written;

Storms are passing as pen is set down.

Outside the sun may be shining,

But you’re best making paper drown.


Surviving the Fall

Love comes in many forms, it seems.

For, our hearts are stained with red.

And, every way it pulls at you

Will get inside your head.

Love plasters a smile to faces,

Only to rain on the tears.

True love cannot be fleeting;

It’ll pull at you for years.

And love, it can be dangerous.

It yields the power to kill.

It’ll test at your moralities,

Things you never said you will.

Love will write the ground rules

‘Cause you can’t just quit the game.

Love will make you doubt yourself;

Love will place the blame.

But, if you make it out alive;

If you both survive the fall—

You’ll smile together, standing hand-in-hand…

For, love was worth it all.

Naked Cover-Up

I saw the way you looked at me

Before your eyes turned down.

I heard the quiver in your voice

Before its steadied sound.

I read your hesitation

Before your quickened pace.

I felt the extra seconds

Of your “casual” embrace.


You’ve learned to cover feelings

And tie them down with steel.

But, as long as your heart beats for me,

Neither one of us will heal.

Keeper of Memories

26219624_10155548990033096_427875176022327390_nI’m still here, my soul shouted.

Though my light has grown dim.

I’m that thought in your head,

The emotional whim.

I’m still here, all but whispered…

That girl you once knew,

Meshed together with dreams we felt sure we’d once do.

I’m still here, I reminded.

All the crazy risks embraced.

Tell me I’m not the only one.

Who hasn’t forgotten the taste.

Those years we welcomed chaos

For the lives we chose carefree.

All the pacts we made to stay intact

And results we’d never see.

The fire burning heartbreaks,

The string of harsh regret.

All the nightmares we refused to see

From the very day we met.

So I’ll safe-keep our chaos

And every chance we took.

I’ll remember how we planned and dreamed

And how our future looked.

I’ll even bank the downfall

And every single tear.

I’ll record it all inside these words

As we waste away the years.

Now, this is why I’m shouting;

This is why I’m lost.

Those memories are agony,

And their keeper pays the cost.

Love Me a Little Louder

I can’t hear you in the morning,

When routine cuts our embrace.

The silence is overwhelming,

As I’m left here in this place.

Your texts take time to check on me,

But the day’s tasks drown them out.

And, as the hours tick away

Your absence welcomes doubt.

So, love me a little louder

Than the ring of our alarm.

Wrap your arms around me tighter,

Till I know I’m safe from harm.

Kiss me a little longer

Before you shut the door.

You’ll remind me I’m important too,

And what we’re working for.

Text me a lot more often;

Fill the void with sweeter words.

And, as the day unfolds itself…

Be the only thing I heard.


Up far too early,

And down much too late.

She greets the constant pressure

To keep it all straight.

Sparkling space for living,

Meals personally prepared.

The demand is her composure

Through the wear and the tear.

The kids are all cared for

While, as always, duteous wife.

No rest is in sight now,

For this is her life.

The Woods Are Calling


When your mind forms the chaos,


The trees take thoughts away


When your heart is thundering


The air holds your questions at bay.


When your soul is a blunder,


The soil will keep you straight.


When you rage inside from all the pain,


The wild absorbs the hate.


So walk in the woods with me,


For your feet will find the ground.


Let your vision clear before you;


As your body absorbs the sound.


Give it all to the breezes;


Rest your hands in the peace.


For, the world will be clearer,


With the beckoning of trees.


Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy


Barroom temptress, you burst through the door.

“Hot mess,” you are indeed.

Arriving, boisterously, you flock to the stool

For all of your terrible need.

Ranting and raving profanities,

As you guzzle up the drinks.

All the while, your head believes

You’re finer than we think.

Sweaty, sloppy, slutty,

As you throw yourself at men.

They cringe to picture you pretty,

And are sure that you never have been.

Piercing words are slurring,

Demanding that you be seen.

But, tonight’s another night you’ve shown

Your soul is far from clean.