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He only needed one color…

  She found the colors to paint him, when the world had left him gray.  His eyes noticed her, toyed with her, captivated her, and never strayed from her memory.  Blue was just never enough for those eyes.  That “blue” had the power to slice through every aspect of ordinary that he was born into and showed her, from the very time that they met, that his heart ached to reach for the clouds right alongside hers.

She’d never see a blue again that held a candle to his eyes, no matter where life took her.  Those blues could bring a lifetime of memories, though they delivered nothing near.  Blue, matched with the sky on their very first kiss.  Blue, lighting up the mischief of young love and the world against everything they longed for.  Blue as they fought to make it all work, glistening with tears she’d never forgive herself for.  Blue, like lightning as worlds crashed down and ripped them apart.  And the very blue, so many years later…that couldn’t stand to come close enough for her to see that color in his eyes again.

He only ever needed one color.  His eyes were the sky that she reached for, the lightning she craved for, and the tears that she cried for.  His blue painted everything that she ever believed, cared about, and is today.  She never told anyone, but his blue could light up worlds.  It did hers.



He did not love her…

He did not love her. At least, that’s what he told himself before he left. She was out to get him, clearly. A vicious being, disguised in that armor of beauty he fell so hard for years ago. A long time ago, and he was just a kid then anyway. He saw her tears, as she begged him to give her answers, to make her understand. It was a trick. Anyone can make themselves cry. She just wanted to use him. Because, as much as he covered the thought, it seeped out to remind him that he had used her. But he wasn’t doing that again. No, she deserved everything she was getting this time.

He just wanted someone to talk to; she should have kept it a secret. I mean, look at her perfect life. She deserved to take the blame before he should face what he did. I mean, he had a family at stake and couldn’t afford to throw them away for her questions. He didn’t owe her a damn thing. She probably planned this all along to ruin him. There’s no way that she meant those words. The hell with the look in her eyes. Blue eyes are overdone anyway.

What did he ever see in her? She was just a tag-along–someone to keep him company. It was stupid to reach back out. Just a weak moment, but there was no feeling behind it. He just wanted someone to hear him, and he knew what a pathetic soul she had become. Nothing he would want to tie himself into again.

She was too good for him anyway. All she talked about was him going to college and being responsible. What a waste of life. He was right where he belonged.

Let her keep her pictures of stiff memories. None of theirs had meaning anyway. He was just going along for the ride. He realized he hadn’t gotten to taking that one picture out from his truck, but he would definitely burn it soon. He just didn’t have time to throw it away is all. Besides, he looked good in that picture. Let the picture collect dust, as he leaves her in it right here. His mind fought the drop that slid from his eye as he walked away—He did not love her.

Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy


Barroom temptress, you burst through the door.

“Hot mess,” you are indeed.

Arriving, boisterously, you flock to the stool

For all of your terrible need.

Ranting and raving profanities,

As you guzzle up the drinks.

All the while, your head believes

You’re finer than we think.

Sweaty, sloppy, slutty,

As you throw yourself at men.

They cringe to picture you pretty,

And are sure that you never have been.

Piercing words are slurring,

Demanding that you be seen.

But, tonight’s another night you’ve shown

Your soul is far from clean.

The Magic of Green

I thought I would embark on a writing challenge this morning, as my mind is a hurricane of thoughts through the dark and early morning hours.  This particular challenge involved writing sentences using a color to begin with.  In the example given, green was used so I committed myself to the hue and began my exploration of the words that could connect with a single burst of color.  The results were nothing short of magic…

  1. Green was the patch of grass that lay beneath her feet, glistening on that star-filled night.
  2. Green eyes gazed through his soul, as he fidgeted with the words that would surely crush their sparkle.
  3. Green land surrounded them on their journey, an endless rolling of hills and mountains that held the possibility of so many adventures.
  4. Green flashed at them from the street light, begging them to move forward from the bitter feelings that circulated in that car.
  5. Green was the sweater that clung to her body, hugging her shoulders when there wasn’t another soul on this Earth who would wrap their protective arms around her.
  6. Green foam sprayed from the waves, as they hurled themselves onto the beach that morning; it was the only time I would find peace, before the sun broke in to expose the true colors of everything in its path.
  7. Green was the stone shining back at me from the box in his hand; it was this very understanding of my love for the unusual that would nod my head to his request in marriage.
  8. Green ran from my hair, and the black from my eyes, as the shower cleansed the wild from my heart.
  9. Green faded from the collar, new from the time that I had brought that wagging tail home…a tail that the soil was now holding down forever.
  10. Green filled my fists, as I willed myself to grip to the uniform that was both serving our country and turning its back on our son.


It was time.

It was time. She’d fought against it for so long.  Over a decade had passed, and she could hear the words spoken and feel the emotions that coursed through her. She could still stand in that time, like it was the present.  She knew it then, and she still knew it to this day.  The story had to happen.  A dream of hers from the time she was a child, the tale was never fully put together until those moments unfolded so many years ago.  These were the words that would run through her head, day after day after day.  She tried to start, and it felt right.  But, the story would inevitably need buried after one harsh afternoon of seeing the words play out in front of her.  It was the story that would free her, the story that would be her greatest mark on this world and finally end all the wrongs.  But writing it was horror:  Stabbing pain.  Gut-wrenching truths.  Reflections that burned the senses.  Four long years since she willed herself to write the first line, and she knew that the life she was living gained no more meaning than it did when she chose to turn her back on each chapter.  She feels the slow desire churning with each day that her talent is hidden away, and the restlessness has become impossible to ignore. It was time.



          I am you in five years, and you cannot step through that door.  You’re not going to believe me, I know.  But you have got to listen, for your world is about to change forever.  I know it’s fun right now, sneaking into that garage.  It’s exciting and unlike anything that you know from where you are in your relationship now.  But, everything’s about to crumble around you as you walk through that door.  Something that seems like an adventure is going to rip away the path that you wanted this life to take, even if you think this is where you need to go.  You are so wrong.  Your relationship now has calmed, and this new guy pretends to care so much.

            I need you to step away and look into his eyes.  They are dark for a reason, and you know you were always drawn to eyes that reminded you of flying.  You’ll drown in his, and eyes like that aren’t going to show you the sky.  They’ll drag you through the mud instead.  I know that everything feels mixed up right now, and you are grasping for any hand that is held out to you.  But, that door is going to bring you toward a future that haunts you.

            Find your sky again.  He’s still waiting in that time, though maybe a little lost.  You can find him, and the two of you can beat this and fly together.  Step one is to RUN from that door.