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The Magic of Green

I thought I would embark on a writing challenge this morning, as my mind is a hurricane of thoughts through the dark and early morning hours.  This particular challenge involved writing sentences using a color to begin with.  In the example given, green was used so I committed myself to the hue and began my exploration of the words that could connect with a single burst of color.  The results were nothing short of magic…

  1. Green was the patch of grass that lay beneath her feet, glistening on that star-filled night.
  2. Green eyes gazed through his soul, as he fidgeted with the words that would surely crush their sparkle.
  3. Green land surrounded them on their journey, an endless rolling of hills and mountains that held the possibility of so many adventures.
  4. Green flashed at them from the street light, begging them to move forward from the bitter feelings that circulated in that car.
  5. Green was the sweater that clung to her body, hugging her shoulders when there wasn’t another soul on this Earth who would wrap their protective arms around her.
  6. Green foam sprayed from the waves, as they hurled themselves onto the beach that morning; it was the only time I would find peace, before the sun broke in to expose the true colors of everything in its path.
  7. Green was the stone shining back at me from the box in his hand; it was this very understanding of my love for the unusual that would nod my head to his request in marriage.
  8. Green ran from my hair, and the black from my eyes, as the shower cleansed the wild from my heart.
  9. Green faded from the collar, new from the time that I had brought that wagging tail home…a tail that the soil was now holding down forever.
  10. Green filled my fists, as I willed myself to grip to the uniform that was both serving our country and turning its back on our son.